What is NeuronChain

Dmitri Dervoed
 — Nov 3, 2019
2,30min. read

With a suite of products to facilitate financial empowerment and independence, NeuronChain is building a network to connect people across the globe financially and at near zero costs. In the interconnected financial world, efficiency and speed will reduce costs of doing business to everybody, be it a banker unhappy with the expensive ecosystem, a remitter fed up of the transaction times, a merchant unable to cope up with the high transaction fees on cards or just an individual with no access to banking services. 

In an effort to create a truly decentralized financial world, NeuronChain is deploying a multi-layered architecture which is scalable, is lightning fast, interoperable, decentralizes the payment processes and facilitates the development of decentralized applications on the network.

 ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’ and the groundbreaking capabilities of NeuronChain’s blockchain are already a reality and can be accessed by anyone here . We strive to continue this journey of building world class products by delivering to the standards we hold ourselves accountable for and this can be displayed by the stellar NeuronChain team consisting of banking technology specialists, applied mathematicians, IT-engineers, blockchain pioneers, cyber-security experts and entrepreneurs who bring decades of experience in managing and building high profile projects and companies.

An undeniable advantage of NeuronChain is that our blockchain is already reliably operating on Mainnet. In Q2 2020, we will be launching the Neuron Wallet to further the ease of access to NeuronChain. These products will be some of the first examples to make use of the NeuronChain architecture.

 NeuronChain’s own embedded P2P exchange NeuronEx is not just an instrument of sale of crypto assets. It also performs one of the main roles in NeuronChain Network as a key element that connects crypto and fiat worlds. Being one of the first examples of  NeuronChain blockchain usage, the system’s P2P platform NeuronEx enables users to conduct:

  1. Fund transfer transactions;
  2. Fiat and cryptocurrency exchange transactions;
  3. Provides Agents Network operability.

Aimed at being adopted by our Network users, we believe that the commission structure should be transparent and simple. That is the reason why we accept fee distribution and share it with the Network.

Direct payments and the system’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate, even for inexperienced users performing cryptocurrency transactions who simply want to purchase cryptocurrency for payments with a plastic card.

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