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NeuronChain is a highly scalable, decentralized Peer-to-Peer financial network that enables regulatory aligned fiat and crypto transactions.


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Mainnet Speed

101,879.99 tx/s

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Network Architecture

NeuronChain's robust multilayer architecture decentralizes the transfer of fiat money. It achieves this through a P2P Network of fiat liquidity providers and seamlessly connects fiat based centralized payment systems with blockchain technology.

Network Architecture Layers

Layer 4


Decentralized Applications

Layer 3

Payment Clearing

Decentralized Processing

Layer 2

Smart Contracts

Synapse Protocol
Interoperability Protocol

Layer 1

Tamper Proof Ledger

NeuronChain Blockchain
Layer 1

The NeuronChain Ledger

NeuronChain, an active platform is a leap forward in speed, the level of decentralization, and energy efficiency. NeuronChain’s core blockchain capabilities perfectly fit transaction needs for global markets and our vision for decentralized free markets. Our speed is exceptionally faster than any other blockchain currently on Mainnet.

Neuron - 100,000 transactions per second

Key Features

101,879.99 tx/s
We parallelized BitShares
Core with a DPoI* and TaPoS**
consensus mechanism to
achieve high throughput.
* Delegated Proof of Importance
** Transactions as Proof of Stake
Near Zero Cost
1 Neuron coin/tx
The network receives 1 Neuron
coin per transfer to incentivize
node operators and open source
protocol developers.
Multiple on- and off-chain
scalability options to millions
of tps.
14+ DLTs
NeuronChain is interoperable
with all major distributed ledger
technologies, ensuring smooth
cross-chain customer
Instant Transfers
1 - 3 sec
NeuronChain closes blocks
every 3 seconds and almost
instant confirmation times.
Eco Friendly
< 0.00001 TWh/Yr*
NeuronChain's consensus
mechanism allows node
operators to secure the network
with minimal computational
* TeraWatt Hour/Year
Layer 2

The Synapse Protocol

Smart Contracts

NeuronChain's Synapse Protocol allows network participants to deploy scalable on- and off-chain smart financial contracts in fiat and cryptocurrencies and design their own crypto economic protocols on top of NeuronChain.

Private Equity
$0,35 tn
$2,5 tn
$3,0 tn
$3,0 tn
$4,9 tn
Real Estate
$66 tn
$73 tn
$180 tn
$632 tn

$944 Trillion

The Synapse Protocol will empower and enable vast markets to flourish.

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Layer 3

dPay, Decentralized
Processing Protocol

NeuronChain's Decentralized Processing Protocol, dPay, revolutionizes existing payment systems by disintermediation of the current centralized structures and clearing processes. It allows merchants to set the rules for acquirers and issuers to offer Global Payment solutions at zero infrastructure costs.

Decentralized Processing Protocol

Up to 70% cost savings for merchants

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Layer 4

dApps & dCards

NeuronChain's scale and speed allows for unprecedented user experiences.


neuron exchange image

Decentralized P2P fiat/cryptocurrency exchange

An instant, permissionless fiat/crypto exchange with cash settlements to serve those who need to exchange their fiat into cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

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neuron wallet image


Decentralized P2P Fiat/Crypto Wallet

The first online wallet which matches fiat with crypto-currencies to serve retail investors needs for fiat exchange pairs.

Coming soon

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World Premiere.
The world's first decentralized cards, the dCards.

The dCard is one of our most ambitious projects so far. This dream will soon be realized with the support of our beloved community.

We will launch the world's first completely decentrally processed, contactless plastic cards which would operate independently from any centralized systems such as Visa or MasterCard. To put it simply, the Neuron dCards cannot be shut off or censored.

The dCard revolutionizes commerce with smart contract based payout logic at a fraction of the cost of existing centralized payment systems.

Find out more about what makes the dCards special and how this crypto-fiat bridge will revolutionize the global payments industry

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Be one of the selected few of an exclusive club!

Secure a limited first edition dCard with lifelong economic benefits to cardholders.


Our Team

We are a group of highly driven individuals with decades of experience in banking, business development and building products.

Sergei Popov
CVO, Co-Founder
An alumnus of Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Sergei has a stellar experience in the banking sector. He has even served as the board member of a major bank and was directly involved in developing high-tech business processes and introducing new banking technologies.
Maksim Beskorovainy
Chier Blockchain Architect, Co-Founder
Maksim is a highly respected professional with 20+ years experience in the banking sector. With a special focus on business development, he has previously served as Vice-Chairman and Chairman of different banks. As an expert on bank process automation and inter-bank networks, he has headed the development of methodological normative instruments at the regulatory level for a number of banks.
Timur Akhmedzhanov
CTO, Co-Founder
Serving as the CTO of NeuronChain, Timur has served as the Head of i-link, an automated system and blockchain developer firm. With over 15 years experience in the IT industry, he has served as the Chief IT Engineer at Nuclear Physics Research Institute in Russia and as the Chief Engineer at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) - Russia’s department of blockchain.
Sergei Sukhanov
With more than 15 years experience in the IT industry as a technical director at i-link, Sergei has also served as a senior reader at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) - Russia’s department of blockchain. As an early adopter of blockchain, he has extensive experience implementing blockchain technology for a number of projects.
- Monero PoA implementation
- Mobile wallets (bitcoin, dash, pivx forks) Web, iOS, Android
- Ethereum PoA implementation
- Ethereum based dApp
- EOS based dApp
Sergei Ognev
Multi-language translation and content adaptation
As a Managing Partner at TransEurope Translations Ltd. with more than 16 years experience in the translation business (HSBC, Banca Intesa, Google, Yandex, Adecco, Walt Disney, SAFRAN, Mindray, SCA Hygiene Products, IDEXX, Clifford Chance, Herbert Smith), Sergei is responsible for the multi-language content adaptation for NeuronChain’s growing community around the world.


With the Mainnet successfully launched and the development of dApps in progress, we are now ready for a large scale consumer adoption.

Q1 2017

  • Technical primer Study existing options Research

Q2 2017

  • Create the concept of hybrid consensus mechanism
  • Test and implement adopted concepts
  • Test nodes

Q3 2017

  • Packaging for data exchanging
  • Node implementation
  • Run tests
  • Synapse Protocol conception

Q4 2017

  • Deploy Blockchain test network
  • Run tests for remittances, consensus, wallets
  • Simulate network attacks

Q1 2018

  • Launch Neroun Coin on Mainnet
  • Design of the protocol

Q2 2018

  • Parallelization of data processing
  • Core optimization
  • Run tests for remittance, clearing, routing

Q3 2018

  • Delegate deposit and penalties mechanism design
  • Design Synapse Protocol architecture

Q4 2018

  • Decentralized Processing protocol architecture

Q1 2019

  • Delegate deposit and penalties mechanism testing
  • Neuron Wallet Design

Q2 2019

  • Launch NeuronEx 2.0
  • Conceptualize Neuron Wallet
  • Design dPay Protocol architecture

Q3 2019

  • Synapse Protocol Testing
  • Developer Tools
  • Decentralized Processing Protocol Testing

Q4 2019

  • API to payment processors API documentation
  • NeuronEx Wallet launch

Q1 2020

  • Synapse Protocol launch
  • Decentralized Processing Protocol launch
  • dPay Protocol testing

Q2 2020

  • Obtaining EMI license
  • Launch world’s first decentralized P2P retail bank account
  • Build global customer base based on community drive & usage data

Q3 2020

  • dPay Protocol launch
  • Test launch world’s first decentralized P2P virtual card

Q4 2020

  • Implementation quantum security technology
  • Launch Neuron dCard, the world's first decentralized P2P plastic card
  • Strategic partnerships with PSPs and other integration partners
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